It seems that building more and more parking lots and car parks isn’t enough. The greatest challenge is to provide intelligent, efficient and economical parking solutions. The field of parking is dealing with challenges – ask Success Parking and their CEO, Tsahi Merkur.


  • The large space (33―40 м²) and volume (130―160 м³) spent on each car in such complexes.
  • The large space of the “minimal property size” that is occupied by such complexes.
  • The ultimate limitation in building multilevel parking with too many floors, due to both psychological problems in the usage of such complexes and the direct health hazards caused by pollution within such complexes. All this in addition to the dangers of fires in such buildings.

The problems of existing Robotic Parking Complexes (usually solutions with a middle corridor):

  • The relative low capacity in terms of volume used for parking (up to 60% in the best systems with-out lowering the speed of car delivery or reducing system stability).
  • Linear logical structure and linear operations of delivery and retrieval, leading to a drastic decrease in service speed when serving large groups of customers arriving simultaneously.
  • The existence of mechanisms and aggregates in the systems prone to malfunctions, while such mal-functions lead to the disaster of tens or even hundreds of cars blocked in the system when it fails.
  • “Non universality” of the solutions, making each project a tailor-made solution, so that the production of each complex becomes a very expensive special design project. None of the existing systems fits for more than one of the main market segments of RPC’s simultaneously (apartment houses, commercial buildings and social houses, business centers and shopping malls).
  • Due to the above, the global market for parking solutions, which is more than half a century old, is limping on both feet. How wouldn’t it fail? The large number of solutions and RPC producers are working intensively on solving 20% of the potential market, while 80% of the “non addressed” market remains without any solutions. In fact, most producers have completely given up addressing this large market. Within it are both large city centers, historical city centers and historical cities, multilevel and tall office buildings, apartment houses and shopping malls located in city centers…
  • The parked cars on city streets block traffic and increase traffic jams in already crowded city streets. The nervous drivers looking for a place to park often loose their patience and drive irregularly thus often causing accidents and unnecessary jams.

The sidewalks, the plazas and squares, where people could have walked freely, the parks, gardens, and housing yards, where children could have been playing, are all transformed into a unison endless parking jungle, from horizon to horizon.

The world has settled with the fact that normal solutions to the parking problem do not exist.
Success Parking led by Tsahi Merkur sees itself as responsible for not only building and operating parking spaces but as improving parking solutions. Tsahi Merkur serves also as the chairman of the board of Israel’s parking association and works intensively to promote the parking business. Parking israel