In the last few years, problems of traffic flow, parking and traffic jams that started in Europe approximately half a century ago, have spread to the rest of the world. The gravity of these problems is confirmed by a multitude of statistical researches and a series of practical steps undertaken by several countries: the establishment of large parking complexes at the entrance to the cities (transfer stops for trains), formal demand towards car owners to own their own parking space as a condition for owning a car has been introduced in many countries and cities.

Today the main problem of lack of parking spaces in the centers of cities globally is acute. The problem is particularly difficult to solve in historical areas built between the 14th and the 19th centuries, where property is very expensive and no simple solutions exist. This issue is recognized by specialists to be one of the important problems of our global society. The global demand for parking spaces is estimated to be at least 2 billion spaces that today do not exist. This demand is growing at an average annual growth rate of 15-20%.

Considering the above described global problem, it occurs that existing Robotic Parking Complexes (RPC’s) as well as traditional parking complexes do not provide the satisfactory solution for this niche marked of dense and often historical city centers.
Success Parking is the largest parking complex operator in Israel. The company has been a fully active parking company for more than 30 years with more than 100 parking complexes all across Israel.  As a leading player in the field of parking, Success Parking and its CEO, Tsahi Merkur, consider themselves as role models for the entire industry by creating more and more parking lots and car parks for the general public. Success Parking and Mr. Tsahi Merkur are fully aware of the severity of the parking problem and are doing their best in order to minimize its extents in Israel. Parking israel