Parking Dilemma

With more cars on the roads than ever and the need for a parking solution, the answer may well be MP Automated Parking. Where the cars are all in storage type facilities as boats are stored today and all of the parking is robotically done. Accordingly, hopefully Success Parking will bring this idea to Tel Aviv to relieve the problems with parking. Israel being a small country has some of the worse parking problems in the world, especially in the major cities.

Parking Spaces Will Be a Problem of the Past

According to studies, 30% of the traffic on the roads is due to drivers looking for parking spots. With the automated parking this problem will not exist. The amount of space needed for an automated parking unit, which can hold hundreds of cars, is very small compared to the parking lots of today. The ramps and the need to get in and out of your car from the parking space is eliminated, leaving 40-50% more room for the car alone.

Parking Drop-off with MP Automated Parking

MP automated parking will be similar to valet for the driver. He will drive to a certain area, where he or she will exit their vehicle (the car will be on an automatic lift.) The driver then will go to the machine which is right next to the car’s drop off point. After inserting the parking ticket into the machine, the car will be robotically straightened out. The straightened car will be lifted robotically into the proper space in any one of the different structures. Currently there are six types of structures, from the tower to the cylinder.

Economic Advantages

The benefits of less material for construction, no theft, lower insurance, not to mention the lower cost of electricity, since lighting is not necessary in the parking areas are just to name a few.

Less Crime with Automated Parking

The cars are stored where no man can get to and there are no people in the areas, so there will not be any theft. There will never be muggings as you get into your car or spend time looking for it. You also will not have to worry about your car being hit by other drivers. The parking can be either above or below ground, saving space at ground level for the easy entry to the automated parking lot.

Retrieving Car

Retrieving will be just as easy as delivery, just put your parking ticket into the machine, along with the car’s license number, and the robot will place the car at the exit point for the driver’s ease.

Our Parking Future

This is the new future of parking and it is already here. These parking lots are becoming more common, and soon everyone will be parking in an automated fashion, and the parking problems of today will be a thing of the past.