Success Parking led by Tsahi Merkur realizes that in our world, usually, there are few situations in which one always and with full certainty can say: “This is perfect, one needs nothing else!”.

Think about it. You go to shop a pair of jeans and ask for the right size, inquire about the price, brand etc. while also interested in the density of the material. You hear from a friend how comfortable and sporty the new Landcruiser is, but what you’re looking for is a com-pact inexpensive car in which your wife can bring the kids to school, 3 blocks away from your house. You end up choosing the short cheap sedan.

Similarly, in the world of parking, there is also a large variety of solutions. How do you orientate yourself in them, how do you choose the right technology, the one that will be the most profitable for you? What is the niche that our “Parking kit” technology is proudly going to occupy, without fearing any competitors thus completely avoiding competition, finding our own dedicated rightful space under the sun?

Let us try to sort out this issue together. We will discuss the solution of the parking problem in places where 5 to 50 single parking spaces are needed, and where there is no space for them.
Being Israel’s leading parking operator, Success Parking understands that parklifts (car stackers) usually present the cheapest solution (of course only if they actually solve the relevant problem). Such mechanical parking multipliers or stackers can be divided into categories:

All of the existing “stackers”, independently of their type, have the same common problems:

– The car stackers are not sufficiently safe for installation in places where there are “non attentive” people like children, elderly people etc. They are also not fit for operation by non-trained personnel (open public parking);

– The car stackers  are semi-automatic and require training in their usage by each separate user;

– The car stackers require the presence of access ramps, which in most cases “eat up” the space that was freed up by their installation and thus result in little or no effect.

However, if the solution of a parking problem by Success Parking utilizing car stackers is possible then it is exactly this option that will be the cheapest for anyone.

Unfortunately, experience demonstrates that the solution of the parking problems by car stackers is rather the exception than the rule.

In more than 80% of cases the result becomes either the public “announcement” of the problem as unsolvable, which in itself in many projects results in the cancellation of potential building or the invitation to the project of engineering firms that develop complex and most often non-effective individual construction design that is very expensive and which represents the least preferable solution to the defined challenge. The price of such individual solutions ranges between Euro 25.000 and Euro 50.000 per one single parking space.