Tel Aviv and Traffic

Being Tel Aviv is such a high traffic area due to businesses there are lots of problems, like parking.  Israel is really working on fixing this problem for many reasons.  With all the cars coming into Tel Aviv during the week and weekends, the pollution is a great risk factor.  The accidents are common and the residents of Tel Aviv have problems finding parking due to the great amount of workers and visitors who take up their parking spaces.

What Can be done to Alleviate the Problems

Tel Aviv is a growing city, so the amount of people who travel to Tel Aviv for work or pleasure will not decrease.  The best solution is to limit access to Tel Aviv by car and leave the parking and traffic in Tel Aviv to residents, and let taxis, buses and other mass transportation be used for the visitors and workers.  Tsahi Merkur, of Success Parking may have the best solution to date.  This solution is hopefully going to take away the pollution, traffic, and parking problems in Tel Aviv.

Success Parking is Working to Change the Status Quo

Tsahi Merkur of Success Parking will begin to build parking lots outside of Tel Aviv that will have easy and good access to trains and buses into Tel Aviv.  There are many good mass transportation solutions once in Tel Aviv, from the shirut (taxi van) to buses and regular taxis.  Once in Tel Aviv, getting around is not difficult.  The problem is about getting into Tel Aviv simply and then getting to the right place to catch the bus, train or other method of transport that one needs. It is important that the parking lots which Success Parking builds will be easy to get into and get out of and that there will be sufficient parking for all the drivers.  These lots can really make a big difference to the quality of life for those that live in Tel Aviv and can successfully help to alleviate a great problem which Israel today is facing.
Hopefully sooner than later we will all see the parking, traffic and pollution problems resolved under the watchful eye of Tsahi Merkur.  Tel Aviv being less polluted with roads that are not full to the limit and all the stress that goes with needing to go to Tel Aviv and then find a parking space are problems that need to be resolved quickly, since time is not making it go away, but is only compounding it.
Tel Aviv municipality may restrict access soon, so the solutions need to be brought about now.  It is important for the quality of life of those that live in Tel Aviv, those that work there and the beaches, so we just need to see the parking lots in Israel expanded and the routes cleared for more mass transportation and less private vehicles.