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Success Parking Group

With a great and impressive record, “Success Parking” group is now days the largest and leading parking lots operator in Israel.

“Success Parking” Ltd is active approximately 30 years in the field of parking lots running, operating and constructing hundreds of parking lots: open, covered, some have one or more levels or with multiply facilities, other […]

Success Parking – a guide to successful parking lot cleaning

Parking lots are public spaces with unique characteristics. Naturally, they require periodical maintenance which includes cleaning services allowing for convenient and sanitary use by car owners.

As they enter the parking lot, cars also bring in various kinds of dirt: dust, mud, tire marks, oil, fuel and more. Some of the above require intensive cleaning which […]

Success Parking Survey The History of Parking Lots

One evident and erratic thing the car brought was the need for its own storeroom. The early motorcars, expensive playthings for the wealthy, inhabited in old carriage houses or stables. Slowly but surely, the carriage house grew into a structure of its own: a spit-and-polish refurbishing shop for the car, regularly with a chauffeur-cum-mechanic living above and even a gas pump out front.

The Problem of Parking & The Role of ‘Success Parking’ in Solving it

In the last few years, problems of traffic flow, parking and traffic jams that started in Europe approximately half a century ago, have spread to the rest of the world. The gravity of these problems is confirmed by a multitude of statistical researches and a series of practical steps undertaken by several countries: the establishment of large parking complexes at the entrance to the cities (transfer stops for trains), formal demand towards car owners to own their own parking space as a condition for owning a car has been introduced in many countries and cities.