It can be really intimidating giving your car keys to a complete stranger while parking your car at a valet station. You ask yourself whether they are conscientious drivers or where your car is exactly headed.

Success Parking Wants to Know:  Do You Know Who’s Parking Your Car?

According to Success Parking‘s little research, most parking valets are one of three common types. The first is The Student who is into flexible shifts and a job that does not require a lot of guidance. The second one is The Night Worker who comes to work after an additional job, which makes him in most cases a dedicated employee. The third and the worst one is The Poles Hitter, the type who is unable to hold down any other work. These parking valets lose keys and disrespect customers quite often.

There is also a huge difference between valet parking companies in terms of the quality of people they employ. One company can test applicants’ reading and basic math, requires a copy of your seven-year driving record and demands a background and credit check whereas another company asks for a high school diploma and that’s it.
In most cases, few driving skills are required, but some companies hire people who do not have a driver’s license!  In some cases, valet companies might ask if you can drive a stick when they employ you, but even if you can’t, you can easily let other valets take care of those cars. However, some valets aren’t as friendly to stick-shift cars as they are expected to be, particularly high-end cars such as Porsches and BMWs. They would do nothing that would destroy the car, but it’s pointless abuse. Furthermore, many valets fail to understand the intricacies of driving performance cars and they don’t realize how low to the ground they actually are and sometimes hit the concrete parking stops, scraping up the vehicle.”
There are the common mistakes like scratches or bumps that are just accidents, that are simply bound to happen while you park so many cars in one day. But the most frequent valet mishap is misplacing keys… So the next time you ponder whether to use valet parking ask yourself if it is really worth it.