Parking lots are public spaces with unique characteristics. Naturally, they require periodical maintenance which includes cleaning services allowing for convenient and sanitary use by car owners.

As they enter the parking lot, cars also bring in various kinds of dirt: dust, mud, tire marks, oil, fuel and more. Some of the above require intensive cleaning which differs greatly from house cleaning or any other type of public, open space, cleaning. Amongst other things, it is very important to remove oil and fuel stains in order to prevent cars and pedestrians from sliding or slipping and make sure that in doing so, the marking on the ground is still highly visible.

Parking lot owners need to ensure the facilities they operate are cleaned periodically as well as make sure that nuisances, which could easily become safety, hazards be cleaned immediately.

Cleaning services in Success Parking lots
There are several cleaning companies specializing in parking lot cleaning which lend their services to parking lot companies such as Success Charging. They offer a service package from which parking lot operators can choose which services they want to order and which they will take care of themselves, using company employees.

The main services offered in the parking lot cleaning service package are:
• mopping and washing the parking area using mechanical washing machines
• washing the parking lot, or the parts of it which have oil and fuel stains, using special cleaning products
• washing sidewalks, walls and ramps using a high pressure water hose

Special cleaning services
There are some instances when more action is needed in order to tackle a cleaning hazard. Underground parking lots are especially prone to such hazards, more specifically – flooding or sewage eruption during the winter, even if they are built in accordance with all rules and regulations.

Parking lot owners can’t take responsibility for the city sewage infrastructure as well as the underground parking lots they operate. However, because of their location in relation to the ground, when a flood or a sewage malfunction occurs, they are the first to suffer.

That is why cleaning companies who specialize in parking lot maintenance offer water pumping services, using advanced equipment, in order to return the parking lot to working order and provide car owners with safe and convenient parking.

Another service offered by cleaning companies is cleaning and renewing of the signage in the parking lot using resistant paint. Success Parking performs such cleaning and signage renewal periodically because it greatly improves order, safety and convenience for the parking lot users.