Parking Lots Today

Parking lots are very common these days, as most people in the word today have cars.  Even countries like Russia that not so far in the past didn’t have so many cars are in dire need of more parking.  Today, the parking lots in Russia can only handle 30% of the necessary parking needed. The same can be said for many countries in Europe and in Israel.  Parking just keeps getting more and more complicated.

Parking lots are called car parks in countries that use British English. Parking lots are the area designated for cars and are usually made out of a durable or semi-durable surface.  Parking lots are commonly found in city centers, shopping malls, parks, stadiums, businesses, living centers, and almost any place where a number of people are found.

Types of Paving

Parking lots are generally paved with asphalt, however some are paved with concrete and others use only gravel. Newer lots are paved with a new pavement known as permeable pavement, which allows air and water movement around the paving material.  This is said to protect the water source and protect water from pollutants, which other paving surfaces carry into the drainage systems.  The permeable paving lets the water run through it, to the ground. It should be noted that this type of paving is much more costly than others and requires frequent maintenance, since the pores can get clogged by either dirt or gravel. These lots need an industrial vacuum to keep them clean; otherwise, there is a great chance of flooding. Mostly these lots are necessary in fueling stations, chemical plants, and other places where there is a great chance of pollutants entering the water from runoff.

Engineering and Modern Issues

While parking lots were not much of a concern, more and more pollution, traffic, and other issues come to mind.  Therefore, engineering of parking lots is beginning to have government regulations.  Parking lots can be either very large, holding thousands of cars or very small, for a free strip mall or small apartment building. Most intuitional places have parking, as do most places where mass transportation, like a train station, is found. Some larger businesses need more than one parking lot, with designated parking areas.

Free Parking Lots and Paid Lots

Many parking lots are completely free, especially in the larger states in the USA.  For example, in Florida, every mall has free parking, while parking at a stadium or race track, casino or any other business for pleasure usually has parking lots which require payment. Other places in the world which have less land have many more paid parking lots.  Many of these lots have spikes or other preventative methods, so that payment is required. However, regardless of the place, as more cars enter the road system, more parking lots will follow, and parking lots are becoming more and more profitable.