Parking Dilemma Today

The problem of parking is world-wide today, but every place needs to consider certain necessities when considering how to reduce the parking situations of today. When designing a parking lot there are many features which must be taken into consideration.  Tsahi Merkur of Success Parking really understands these ideas. When Tsahi originally began his business 30 yrs ago, things were much different from today, in parking.  Israel wasn’t in need of parking to the extent of today, however Tsahi had enough foresight to see the problem would arise.

Necessary Features of Parking Lots

Parking lots have functional requirements including, spatial needs, structural integration, safety and security, signs, and aesthetics to name a few. While it would seem to a layman that not much is really needed for parking lots, aside from space and some paint to separate that spots, there is so much more involved.

Spatial Needs

Spatial needs is in regard to the size of automobiles today and in the future, design of any ramps to insure that the intended use is compatible with the aim, surrounding area and traffic flow, zoning issues according to local codes; the use of mixed project in order to reduce the empty night facility syndrome. Spatial needs also deal with the placement of the parking lot in respect of walking distance, driving or other means of getting to the intended destination.  Operations, management, staff, cashier and monitoring equipment are also considered, as is power system, backup power, and ventilation.

Structural Integration

Structural integration is the term for the parking lot or complex to withstand natural disasters and all other environmental factors, factoring in the material used for the parking lot, i.e., cast in place concrete, pre-cast concrete or structural steel. Structural integration will take into account the maximum number of parking spaces and the flow of cars through it.  Surface of the road or floor must also included, so it will not become slippery when wet and be safe for driving and walking upon.  If the lot is located in a place where it snows, this must be also investigated, and any types of chemicals that may be used to remove the ice or snow.
Drainage is also important and the slope of the lot, since water which sits for a long time can lead to long term maintenance problems.  Many times a peer review is often used on facility documents prior to the construction process beginning. These reviews are usually based on performance objectives, building commissioning, and cost effectiveness.

Safety and Security

Paramount to the creation of any parking lots: Security devices such as video, public phones, elimination of hiding places, handicapped accessibility, cleanliness, air flow necessary to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, energy efficient lighting, and non-slip surfaces.


The parking lot must have clear signs with direct messages for finding your car and also for pedestrian crossing.


The parking lots should be aesthetically pleasing, whether it is surrounded by greenery or buildings.


There are many factors one need look at to create a good parking lot, it is not simple, and with great planning and consideration of necessities, it can be done.  We need, today, more than ever, solutions to parking and parking lots and these requirements are the best defense for now to get the best solution to a world-wide problem.