Success Parking Israel Gives Parking Tips for Safety and Consideration

Success Parking Israel, under Tsahi Merkur, is here to give some simple tips and rules on safe parking and the ethics involved in parking.  Israel is full of cities which have huge problems with parking, and following the tips and guidelines found here will assist you and other parkers.

The Obvious Rules of Parking First and Foremost

You should never park in a spot which is private and marked as such or in the fire lane.  These should be clear to every driver.  Moreover, handicapped spots are for those that are disabled and nobody should ever take up one of these spots, unless they really have a handicap.  Even the drivers of handicapped, when alone, should refrain from taking up any of these spots.

Parallel Parking Done Properly

If you need to parallel park, always make sure that you are not blocking in the car in front of you or behind you.  Just as you wouldn’t want to be able to be stuck in your parking spot, you don’t want others to be either.  This is just consideration for others.  You also should not park parallel to another parallel car, where the first car is not able to get out at all.

Safety when Leaving a Parking Space

As a rule of thumb, a driver should always look in the direction the car is moving.  When backing out of a parking space, make sure that your eyes are mostly looking at the back of your car with a glance to the front.  Children can be difficult to see, so can animals, so make sure that you are driving slowly and keeping your eyes in the direction your car is moving. So many accidents could have been prevented by this simple idea.
If you are waiting for a driver to leave the spot, make sure that you are signaling, so other drivers do not get stuck waiting behind you.  If it seems like it will take a while, use your hand to show the other drivers to pass your car.

Etiquette Rules in Parking

  • Make sure that you are only parked in one spot and not in the middle or over the line where your car is taking up more than one spot.
  • Make sure when you park next to another car that you do not need to hit or scratch their car to get into or out of your own.  Make sure also that the car next to yours will have ample room to open their door.
  • Pay attention to all parking signs and only park in places that are legal for your car.
  • If you are a motorcyclist, do not take up a spot with your bike, the cars have no other place to park, but you do.
  • Don’t steal parking spots.  If someone is waiting for a spot, do not rush your car in and steal the spot.  This is not only disrespectful to the driver that was waiting, but can be very dangerous, since it leads to rage and can become confrontational.

Hopefully, everyone will follow these rules and etiquette, making all of our lives a little bit less stressful.