Lack of Parking

Today in most places in the world there is a great lack of parking spaces, the best solution for this problem is more parking lots.  Parking lots are able to pick up where the city cannot.  Success Parking, with 30 years of creating parking lots, is a great model of how to solve problems with parking. Israel with its small size is coming to the forefront of building parking lots to resolve this very real obstacle.

What is Success Parking?

Success Parking with Tsahi Merkur is a company which builds parking lots all over the world.  Their parking lots are famous in Israel, and can be found all over the country. Success Parking is becoming more international and now is the chance to get involved.  Parking in Europe has been difficult, if not in some places almost impossible, while many other places that were without parking problems are seeing a new reality today.

Parking Israel

Is It Worthwhile to Own a Parking Lot?

Not only is it worthwhile, it is necessary.  In business everyone understand supply and demand, as the world becomes more crowded and the number of cars keep increasing, parking lots are more in demand than ever, and this is going to continue for as long as we live, probably.
Cars give people independence, so no matter how many trains, buses, or other means of mass transportation are built, the car will never go away.  The problem with that is that you always need to find a place for your car.  This is why Success Parking is such a great business opportunity.
Not many businesses have low overhead, but parking lots do, this make them one of the best businesses.

The History of Success Parking

“Success Parking” has been in business for 30 years already, and the company just keeps getting stronger and more successful.  Their parking lots are built for easy access and convenience.  The lots are simple and found in many central locations. Tsahi Merkur always understood that the simplistic parking lots were the best idea in parking, which was then and still is today, but changing with the times.

Tsahi Merkur has Proved himself through Success Parking

Tsahi Merkur realized the parking problems in the world a long time ago.  He knew that there needed to be a solution to all the problems related to parking. Israel was his base and the parking was not such a big problem when Tshahi began building lots 30 years ago, but with his insight, he was able to foresee the future, and the problem that would arise. Tsahi is a leader in parking, building parking lots and even parking complexes.  As time passes, Tsahi is looking toward the future and looking into the future of parking in Israel.  He is flexible, while reasonable, and due to his imagination and foresight, the Israeli parking situation is going to keep improving. While Israel may be the first place to see the changes, the international world will follow. Tsahi Merkur, parking, parking lots, parking complexes, ease and organization go hand- in- hand, and is exactly what the world needs for parking’s advancements.