Planned for 2011

In 2008 it was mentioned quite a few times that Israel would be the testing center for electric cars and of course, the appropriate parking lots.  Israel is worried about the air pollution and the dependency on oil.  As this is now becoming more worrisome, Israel is looking forward to doing a test run for the electric cars.  The government says that this should become a reality in 2011 and the preparedness has already begun.

New Parking Lots in Israel for the Electric Cars

Tel Aviv will be the hub for testing; and already there are already 400 such charging stations in Israel, where shoppers can recharge the car while they shop. The aim is to have 100,000 of these in parking lots, prior to starting the testing process. There are plans on having these charging stations throughout the country, at 25 mile intervals.

The Where’s and How’s of Electric Parking Lots in Israel

Will the electricity charging machines at the mall be free?  The answer is no.  The electrical charging machine will determine the amount of mileage that car has done from the last time it was charged; figure out the amount of electricity needed, and charge the driver, based on that amount.
A contract has already been signed by Israel Malls, to put these lots in 17 of the largest shopping centers, which see over 180,000 visitors a day.  The first parking lots to begin will be 6 of the largest malls in Israel:  Grand Mall Avnat (Petach Tikva), Grand Kenyon (Haifa), Hasharon Mall (Netanya), Chonim Konim (Rishon Le-Zion), Bilu Center (Rehovot), and Hagiva Mall (Giv’at Shmuel).

The Near Future

Shai Agassi of Better Place is the brains behind this idea and has millions of dollars invested in making this work.  Israel is really a great place to test the electric cars and the battery charging stations, since an electrical car cannot travel as far as a gasoline one.  Israel is very small, so having a car which cannot travel long distances is not a problem.
Hopefully, more of the newer charging battery parking lots will work on solar power, which is the other option in play.

Solar Parking Will Save the World

Here we see one of the options in place for solar parking lots, which will clearly become bigger and bigger.  Israel, with all of her sun, should have no problem with getting the cleanest, freest energy known to man. With less dependence on oil, less need to pay terroristic countries, and the addition of clean air, how can we go wrong?