Most of us have encountered a few types of parking lots: overcrowded parking lots which are complicated to enter or exit and those which are convenient to use, comfortable, safe and organized.

Most companies operating lots for parking Israel, especially in the very overcrowded central Israel area, face similar crowding conditions – there aren’t many available open spaces assigned for parking lots in central areas of cities however, the demand for parking spaces is high. At the same time, a good parking lot design, which includes smart use of the area, and having a parking lot operator with initiative will aid in preventing mishaps, make parking easy and can make all the difference between a great parking lot, like Success Parking, and one that you would never want to come back to again.

Design and service level in parking Israel
From the very first moment, parking lot design, whether it be for a multi-level underground parking lot or an above ground, open space parking lot, is done by an expert engineer in accordance with The Ministry of Transportation regulations, which details the specific authorized parking length, marking form, ramp structure and many other characteristics.

The Ministry of Transportation guidelines are meant to provide parking for as many cars as possible, without hindering safety or the minimal convenience of those using the parking lots.

The leading concept in parking Israel is ‘service level’ and it refers to the convenience in which you can park – from the minimal space needed to be allocated in order to conveniently open the car door when exiting the vehicle until allocation of special, accessible, parking spots for the disabled.

Markings and signage in Success Charging

Clear markings of the parking spots in the parking lot is a basic element which allows every car owner to park safely, without endangering his car or an adjacent one and without taking up unnecessary space.

The bigger and more complex the parking lot, the more important clear signage becomes in order for drivers to easily locate the entrance and exits.

Success Parking makes sure to highlight and renew marks and signs on the ground periodically in their parking lots in order to provide safe and order for parking lot users, even after dark.

The job of the parking lot supervisor
Even if it seems that the parking lot supervisor’s only job is to take your money and open the gate, in Success Charging all supervisors are instructed to take initiative and be service oriented in order to provide quick entrance and exit to drivers and prevent problems such as difficulty parking or parking in an unsafe spot.

The supervisor is also in charge of guiding car owners to open parking spots in the facility, locating car owners who parked incorrectly and correcting them as well help Drivers Park in their chosen spot – all of this in order to ensure convenience and safety for the car owner and those who come in later wanting to enjoy smooth parking Israel.