Parking Lots Today and in the Past

The parking lots that we are most accustomed to may soon be a thing of the past. Today a parking lot is only a place to store your car for a certain amount of time.  This is going to change, as oil becomes more obsolete and cars are using other methods of energy.  Energy soon will have to be part of the parking.  Israel may be the base for testing parking lots with electric charging stations.

Parking and the Electric Cars

Nowadays we have lots of hybrid cars on the roads, that use a combination of electricity and gasoline, but we also have some cars that are completely electric and don’t use oil at all.  These are the cars of the future.  As cars improve and become more green, our parking will have to follow suit. The electric cars that do exist do not have enough power to go long distances without being recharged.

Electric and Solar Parking

The electric and solar parking lots, which recharge, are already in existence, although not widely so, yet.  This is sure to change quickly, as people are becoming more conscious of keeping our planet clean and the problems with getting oil, which eventually will not even exist for usage.
Some states and countries are building these and putting them into practice.  In the picture on the right there is a solar charging station found in Tennessee, USA.  This station has room for about 5 cars under the solar roof. All the drivers  need to do, is park their car here, plug it in to the power, which is totally clean, solar energy, go shopping or to a meeting, and when they come out, the car will be fully charged.

Improving the Electric and Solar Parking

The solar idea is great, along with the electric cars, but parking can get even better.  There are plans to build in some countries to build systems with completely different parking.  Israel will be the leader of the newest and most advanced parking lot system in the world.  These parking lots will be built by many, including Tsahi Merkur, and rather than have to plug in the car, they will be charged through panels that sit under the car. Tsahi is a pioneer in the parking industry and in order to stay on top will have to redesign the modern lots to meet the needs of the future.

The Benefits of Electric and Solar Parking Lots

The clearest benefit is that the earth will be cleaner for the next generations, but more than that there are other benefits.  One of them is financial; as oil becomes more in demand, the price increase is felt throughout the world.  Solar energy is undying and free, especially in those places that receive lots of sun during the year, and some places in the world offer tax or other benefits for being greener.  These lots will be hooked up to the grids, so at times when the lots have no cars, the energy from the sun can go back to the grid, for energy usage elsewhere. Parking is more and more becoming cleaner and more valuable.