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צחי מרקור – כתבות

 הפניות לכתבות נבחרות על חניוני הצלחה בניהולו של צחי מרקור

מסתמן: בטר פלייס עשויה לחזור לידיים של צחי מרקור – כלכליסט

בטר פלייס יוצאת לדרך חדשה תחת המותג “דרייבז-בטר פלייס'”. של צחי מרקור: “נתמקד בתיאום עם הלקוחות בהרחבת רשת הטעינה הארצית התומכת. נעמיד 3,000 נקודות טעינה”

צחי מרקור ירכוש את השליטה […]

Success Parking – a guide to successful parking lot cleaning

Parking lots are public spaces with unique characteristics. Naturally, they require periodical maintenance which includes cleaning services allowing for convenient and sanitary use by car owners.

As they enter the parking lot, cars also bring in various kinds of dirt: dust, mud, tire marks, oil, fuel and more. Some of the above require intensive cleaning which […]

Tsahi Merkur, Owner of Success Parking Ltd, in Acquisition Talks

Recently, according to sources and reported by Globes, Tsahi Merkur is trying to acquire controlling interest in Azorim Investment, Development and Construction Ltd. (TASE: AZRM). Azorim is a company who builds projects for residents, such as apartment building and residential communities all over Israel. Azorim has been in business for over 40 years, in both building and selling residential communities and buildings.


Parking Israel Presents: Parking Ethics and Etiquette

Success Parking Israel Gives Parking Tips for Safety and Consideration
Success Parking Israel, under Tsahi Merkur, is here to give some simple tips and rules on safe parking and the ethics involved in parking.  Israel is full of cities which have huge problems with parking, and following the tips and guidelines found here will assist you and other parkers.

Israel’s Electric Car Test Run and Parking Lots

Planned for 2011
In 2008 it was mentioned quite a few times that Israel would be the testing center for electric cars and of course, the appropriate parking lots.  Israel is worried about the air pollution and the dependency on oil.  As this is now becoming more worrisome, Israel is looking forward to doing a test run for the electric cars.  The government says that this should become a reality in 2011 and the preparedness has already begun.

The History of Parking Lots

Parking for Early Transportation in the 1400’s
The first known transport began in the 1400’s and was all about horses, and later stagecoaches.  As more people began to ride horses, parking became necessary.  Horses were parked by tying them to posts, which were lined up, just our modern day parking lots of today have our cars lined up. This type of parking was used until the late 1800’s when automobiles were invented.  Until Ford, though, cars were made slowly, so not many people had them. Parking in the early 1900’s still was not a problem. […]

Success Parking Reviews Some of the World’s Bizarre Parking Lots

Who’s better than Success Parking to tell us about parking garages? Success Parking led by Tsahi Merkur presents: the most peculiar parking lots in the world.
Parking lots tend to be architectural extras. Minimalistic and practical, they rarely offer more than the basic covering of vehicles for other more artistic structures. It is a cost a developer normally doesn’t like, but it is an essential evil to make his project a success.


Success Parking Survey The History of Parking Lots

One evident and erratic thing the car brought was the need for its own storeroom. The early motorcars, expensive playthings for the wealthy, inhabited in old carriage houses or stables. Slowly but surely, the carriage house grew into a structure of its own: a spit-and-polish refurbishing shop for the car, regularly with a chauffeur-cum-mechanic living above and even a gas pump out front.

Success Parking Asks: Would You Give Your Car Keys to a Total Stranger?

It can be really intimidating giving your car keys to a complete stranger while parking your car at a valet station. You ask yourself whether they are conscientious drivers or where your car is exactly headed.
Success Parking Wants to Know:  Do You Know Who’s Parking Your Car?
According to Success Parking’s little research, most parking valets are one of three common types. The first is The Student who is into flexible shifts and a job that does not require a lot of guidance. The second one is The Night Worker who comes to work after an additional job, which makes him in most cases a dedicated employee. The third and the worst one is The Poles Hitter, the type who is unable to hold down any other work. These parking valets lose keys and disrespect customers quite often.

The Best of Both Worlds – Success Parking Utilizes All Market Niches

Success Parking led by Tsahi Merkur realizes that in our world, usually, there are few situations in which one always and with full certainty can say: “This is perfect, one needs nothing else!”.

Think about it. You go to shop a pair of jeans and ask for the right size, inquire about the price, brand etc. while also interested in the density of the material. You hear from a friend how comfortable and sporty the new Landcruiser is, but what you’re looking for is a com-pact inexpensive car in which your wife can bring the kids to school, 3 blocks away from your house. You end up choosing the short cheap sedan.