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With a great and impressive record, “Success Parking” group is now days the largest and leading parking lots operator in Israel.

“Success Parking” Ltd is active approximately 30 years in the field of parking lots running, operating and constructing hundreds of parking lots: open, covered, some have one or more levels or with multiply facilities, other […]

צחי מרקור – כתבות

 הפניות לכתבות נבחרות על חניוני הצלחה בניהולו של צחי מרקור

מסתמן: בטר פלייס עשויה לחזור לידיים של צחי מרקור – כלכליסט

בטר פלייס יוצאת לדרך חדשה תחת המותג “דרייבז-בטר פלייס'”. של צחי מרקור: “נתמקד בתיאום עם הלקוחות בהרחבת רשת הטעינה הארצית התומכת. נעמיד 3,000 נקודות טעינה”

צחי מרקור ירכוש את השליטה […]

Parking Lots – all you need to know about them

Parking Lots Today
Parking lots are very common these days, as most people in the word today have cars.  Even countries like Russia that not so far in the past didn’t have so many cars are in dire need of more parking.  Today, the parking lots in Russia can only handle 30% of the necessary parking needed. The same can be said for many countries in Europe and in Israel.  Parking just keeps getting more and more complicated.

Parking Lot Requirements

Parking Dilemma Today
The problem of parking is world-wide today, but every place needs to consider certain necessities when considering how to reduce the parking situations of today. When designing a parking lot there are many features which must be taken into consideration.  Tsahi Merkur of Success Parking really understands these ideas. When Tsahi originally began his business 30 yrs ago, things were much different from today, in parking.  Israel wasn’t in need of parking to the extent of today, however Tsahi had enough foresight to see the problem would arise.

Electric and Solar Parking Lots

Parking Lots Today and in the Past
The parking lots that we are most accustomed to may soon be a thing of the past. Today a parking lot is only a place to store your car for a certain amount of time.  This is going to change, as oil becomes more obsolete and cars are using other methods of energy.  Energy soon will have to be part of the parking.  Israel may be the base for testing parking lots with electric charging stations.

The Future of Parking is Here! Automated Parking is Coming to Israel

Parking Dilemma
With more cars on the roads than ever and the need for a parking solution, the answer may well be MP Automated Parking. Where the cars are all in storage type facilities as boats are stored today and all of the parking is robotically done. Accordingly, hopefully Success Parking will bring this idea to Tel Aviv to relieve the problems with parking. Israel being a small country has some of the worse parking problems in the world, especially in the major cities.