Most of us have encountered a few types of parking lots: overcrowded parking lots which are complicated to enter or exit and those which are convenient to use, comfortable, safe and organized.

Most companies operating lots for parking Israel, especially in the very overcrowded central Israel area, face similar crowding conditions – there aren’t many available open spaces assigned for parking lots in central areas of cities however, the demand for parking spaces is high. At the same time, a good parking lot design, which includes smart use of the area, and having a parking lot operator with initiative will aid in preventing mishaps, make parking easy and can make all the difference between a great parking lot, like Success Parking, and one that you would never want to come back to again.

Design and service level in parking Israel
From the very first moment, parking lot design, whether it be for a multi-level underground parking lot or an above ground, open space parking lot, is done by an expert engineer in accordance with The Ministry of Transportation regulations, which details the specific authorized parking length, marking form, ramp structure and many other characteristics.

The Ministry of Transportation guidelines are meant to provide parking for as many cars as possible, without hindering safety or the minimal convenience of those using the parking lots.

The leading concept in parking Israel is ‘service level’ and it refers to the convenience in which you can park – from the minimal space needed to be allocated in order to conveniently open the car door when exiting the vehicle until allocation of special, accessible, parking spots for the disabled.

Markings and signage in Success Charging

Clear markings of the parking spots in the parking lot is a basic element which allows every car owner to park safely, without endangering his car or an adjacent one and without taking up unnecessary space.

The bigger and more complex the parking lot, the more important clear signage becomes in order for drivers to easily locate the entrance and exits.

Success Parking makes sure to highlight and renew marks and signs on the ground periodically in their parking lots in order to provide safe and order for parking lot users, even after dark.

The job of the parking lot supervisor
Even if it seems that the parking lot supervisor’s only job is to take your money and open the gate, in Success Charging all supervisors are instructed to take initiative and be service oriented in order to provide quick entrance and exit to drivers and prevent problems such as difficulty parking or parking in an unsafe spot.

The supervisor is also in charge of guiding car owners to open parking spots in the facility, locating car owners who parked incorrectly and correcting them as well help Drivers Park in their chosen spot – all of this in order to ensure convenience and safety for the car owner and those who come in later wanting to enjoy smooth parking Israel.

Parking lots are public spaces with unique characteristics. Naturally, they require periodical maintenance which includes cleaning services allowing for convenient and sanitary use by car owners.

As they enter the parking lot, cars also bring in various kinds of dirt: dust, mud, tire marks, oil, fuel and more. Some of the above require intensive cleaning which differs greatly from house cleaning or any other type of public, open space, cleaning. Amongst other things, it is very important to remove oil and fuel stains in order to prevent cars and pedestrians from sliding or slipping and make sure that in doing so, the marking on the ground is still highly visible.

Parking lot owners need to ensure the facilities they operate are cleaned periodically as well as make sure that nuisances, which could easily become safety, hazards be cleaned immediately.

Cleaning services in Success Parking lots
There are several cleaning companies specializing in parking lot cleaning which lend their services to parking lot companies such as Success Charging. They offer a service package from which parking lot operators can choose which services they want to order and which they will take care of themselves, using company employees.

The main services offered in the parking lot cleaning service package are:
• mopping and washing the parking area using mechanical washing machines
• washing the parking lot, or the parts of it which have oil and fuel stains, using special cleaning products
• washing sidewalks, walls and ramps using a high pressure water hose

Special cleaning services
There are some instances when more action is needed in order to tackle a cleaning hazard. Underground parking lots are especially prone to such hazards, more specifically – flooding or sewage eruption during the winter, even if they are built in accordance with all rules and regulations.

Parking lot owners can’t take responsibility for the city sewage infrastructure as well as the underground parking lots they operate. However, because of their location in relation to the ground, when a flood or a sewage malfunction occurs, they are the first to suffer.

That is why cleaning companies who specialize in parking lot maintenance offer water pumping services, using advanced equipment, in order to return the parking lot to working order and provide car owners with safe and convenient parking.

Another service offered by cleaning companies is cleaning and renewing of the signage in the parking lot using resistant paint. Success Parking performs such cleaning and signage renewal periodically because it greatly improves order, safety and convenience for the parking lot users.

Recently, according to sources and reported by Globes, Tsahi Merkur is trying to acquire controlling interest in Azorim Investment, Development and Construction Ltd. (TASE: AZRM). Azorim is a company who builds projects for residents, such as apartment building and residential communities all over Israel. Azorim has been in business for over 40 years, in both building and selling residential communities and buildings.

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Success Parking Israel Gives Parking Tips for Safety and Consideration

Success Parking Israel, under Tsahi Merkur, is here to give some simple tips and rules on safe parking and the ethics involved in parking.  Israel is full of cities which have huge problems with parking, and following the tips and guidelines found here will assist you and other parkers.
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Tel Aviv and Traffic

Being Tel Aviv is such a high traffic area due to businesses there are lots of problems, like parking.  Israel is really working on fixing this problem for many reasons.  With all the cars coming into Tel Aviv during the week and weekends, the pollution is a great risk factor.  The accidents are common and the residents of Tel Aviv have problems finding parking due to the great amount of workers and visitors who take up their parking spaces.
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Planned for 2011

In 2008 it was mentioned quite a few times that Israel would be the testing center for electric cars and of course, the appropriate parking lots.  Israel is worried about the air pollution and the dependency on oil.  As this is now becoming more worrisome, Israel is looking forward to doing a test run for the electric cars.  The government says that this should become a reality in 2011 and the preparedness has already begun.
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Most Common Parking Lots

There are quite a few different parking lots just in Israel.  Parking in Israel is made less stressful by these lots, not to say that it completely relieves the problem of parking, but definitely alleviates it a bit.  While many of these lots are just on gravel, others are much more sophisticated.
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Parking Lots Today

Parking lots are very common these days, as most people in the word today have cars.  Even countries like Russia that not so far in the past didn’t have so many cars are in dire need of more parking.  Today, the parking lots in Russia can only handle 30% of the necessary parking needed. The same can be said for many countries in Europe and in Israel.  Parking just keeps getting more and more complicated.
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Parking Sizes and Different Types of Parking Lots

Did you know that parking space size is not regulated globally and in fact, there are huge discrepancies between the size of spaces for parking by country, state and even region? There is even more differences in the styles of parking in different parts of the world. In examining this fact, there is no clear way to say that one is better or worse than another.
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Parking Dilemma Today

The problem of parking is world-wide today, but every place needs to consider certain necessities when considering how to reduce the parking situations of today. When designing a parking lot there are many features which must be taken into consideration.  Tsahi Merkur of Success Parking really understands these ideas. When Tsahi originally began his business 30 yrs ago, things were much different from today, in parking.  Israel wasn’t in need of parking to the extent of today, however Tsahi had enough foresight to see the problem would arise.
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Parking Lots Today and in the Past

The parking lots that we are most accustomed to may soon be a thing of the past. Today a parking lot is only a place to store your car for a certain amount of time.  This is going to change, as oil becomes more obsolete and cars are using other methods of energy.  Energy soon will have to be part of the parking.  Israel may be the base for testing parking lots with electric charging stations.
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Parking for Early Transportation in the 1400’s

The first known transport began in the 1400’s and was all about horses, and later stagecoaches.  As more people began to ride horses, parking became necessary.  Horses were parked by tying them to posts, which were lined up, just our modern day parking lots of today have our cars lined up. This type of parking was used until the late 1800’s when automobiles were invented.  Until Ford, though, cars were made slowly, so not many people had them. Parking in the early 1900’s still was not a problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Lack of Parking

Today in most places in the world there is a great lack of parking spaces, the best solution for this problem is more parking lots.  Parking lots are able to pick up where the city cannot.  Success Parking, with 30 years of creating parking lots, is a great model of how to solve problems with parking. Israel with its small size is coming to the forefront of building parking lots to resolve this very real obstacle. Read the rest of this entry »

Parking Dilemma

With more cars on the roads than ever and the need for a parking solution, the answer may well be MP Automated Parking. Where the cars are all in storage type facilities as boats are stored today and all of the parking is robotically done. Accordingly, hopefully Success Parking will bring this idea to Tel Aviv to relieve the problems with parking. Israel being a small country has some of the worse parking problems in the world, especially in the major cities.
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Who’s better than Success Parking to tell us about parking garages? Success Parking led by Tsahi Merkur presents: the most peculiar parking lots in the world.

Parking lots tend to be architectural extras. Minimalistic and practical, they rarely offer more than the basic covering of vehicles for other more artistic structures. It is a cost a developer normally doesn’t like, but it is an essential evil to make his project a success.

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One evident and erratic thing the car brought was the need for its own storeroom. The early motorcars, expensive playthings for the wealthy, inhabited in old carriage houses or stables. Slowly but surely, the carriage house grew into a structure of its own: a spit-and-polish refurbishing shop for the car, regularly with a chauffeur-cum-mechanic living above and even a gas pump out front.
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It can be really intimidating giving your car keys to a complete stranger while parking your car at a valet station. You ask yourself whether they are conscientious drivers or where your car is exactly headed.

Success Parking Wants to Know:  Do You Know Who’s Parking Your Car?

According to Success Parking‘s little research, most parking valets are one of three common types. The first is The Student who is into flexible shifts and a job that does not require a lot of guidance. The second one is The Night Worker who comes to work after an additional job, which makes him in most cases a dedicated employee. The third and the worst one is The Poles Hitter, the type who is unable to hold down any other work. These parking valets lose keys and disrespect customers quite often.
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Success Parking led by Tsahi Merkur realizes that in our world, usually, there are few situations in which one always and with full certainty can say: “This is perfect, one needs nothing else!”.

Think about it. You go to shop a pair of jeans and ask for the right size, inquire about the price, brand etc. while also interested in the density of the material. You hear from a friend how comfortable and sporty the new Landcruiser is, but what you’re looking for is a com-pact inexpensive car in which your wife can bring the kids to school, 3 blocks away from your house. You end up choosing the short cheap sedan.
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It seems that building more and more parking lots and car parks isn’t enough. The greatest challenge is to provide intelligent, efficient and economical parking solutions. The field of parking is dealing with challenges – ask Success Parking and their CEO, Tsahi Merkur.

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In the last few years, problems of traffic flow, parking and traffic jams that started in Europe approximately half a century ago, have spread to the rest of the world. The gravity of these problems is confirmed by a multitude of statistical researches and a series of practical steps undertaken by several countries: the establishment of large parking complexes at the entrance to the cities (transfer stops for trains), formal demand towards car owners to own their own parking space as a condition for owning a car has been introduced in many countries and cities.
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